3 areas i can support You in


Women have unique experiences cycle to cycle, and from menarche to menopause. My goal is to understand your individual experience and provide safe and effective recommendations to help you be your best self all cycle long.


Preparing for children and pregnancy itself are exciting times filled with questions and transition. We will work together to develop a birth plan that fits your needs. My goal is to support you, reduce birth fears, and help you feel confident during this time.


I feel that the ultimate form of preventative medicine is fostering good health and habits in children while they are young. These are practices that will set them up well for adulthood. The health of your child is deeply entwined with the practices of the rest of the family, so we will develop a plan that fits in with this.


One of the key bases of the Therapeutic Order in Naturopathic Medicine is to establish the foundations for health.  This involves addressing obstacles to cure such as excessive stress or disruptive coping mechanisms, inadequate rest, and lack of movement to optimize the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

In addition to lifestyle habits, another foundation of optimal health is diet. An individualized plan will address aggravating foods, nutritional deficiencies, and digestive disturbances.  Guidance will be provided surrounding foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements to implement to ensure that your body has the tools it needs to thrive.

Plants and herbs contain phytochemicals that impact the biochemical processes within our bodies.  Research has emerged on the effectiveness of different extracts, which can be provided in supplemental form.  Whole herbs can be important as well for the synergistic effects of multiple phytochemicals together. These can be provided in the forms of teas, tinctures, decoctions, or baths and can be compounded on site. Naturopathic Doctors are trained to ensure that botanicals will be effective for your individual case and do not interact with the medications you are currently on.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as a number of organ systems that run along specific meridians. Stimulating specific points along these meridians, with needles or pressure, can improve the flow of vital energy, or “Qi” as needed. It can also be used from a physical standpoint to help relieve pain, improve function, stimulate healing, and promote relaxation. This can be combined with moxabustion and cupping therapy.